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Scottish Blacksmith

We are an artisan blacksmith shop, based in Glasgow; specialising in the tuition of beginners, bladesmithing and known for our high standards, quality and honesty. 

On top of this we also offer a wide range of local blacksmithing classes and courses from complete beginner to more advanced methods, including bladesmithing classes. The best way to learn is from experience and we have that, after many years learning and practicing our trade we still continue to study and adapt to give you the best tuition in blacksmithing. 

WE DO NOT UNDERTAKE ANY FENCES, RAILINGS, OR GATES. Our forge works everything by hand, so the above is not doable at present. This includes any "industrial" works.

We are an artisan blacksmith forge, so we tend not to do the old fences, railings, gates, fabrication projects etc. We stick to more artistic projects, tuition and bladesmithing. 

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Not your average blacksmith

Unlike other smiths, we at the Bear and Thistle Forge pride ourselves on ideas and becoming the best at what we do, being the first to ask "how can we make your experience better",  and actually mean it. We reach out to our customers and clients to gain opinion, their expectations and learn how to be better for you. 

Every customer is different and we aim to ensure you know this.

We spend the time to be the best in our field.

Everyday we should learn something new, it's how we grow. Our blacksmith is not only skilled at this craft but brings with him, a wide range of skills and work ethic to ensure his finished product and tuition is unlike any other. He also truly loves what he does and studies all varying aspects and theories of the craft to constantly improve. 

Where some may be content to coast, we peddle. 

What can we do for you?



£35; Our sample course. Safety, technique, forging an s hook or coat hook. (Up to 2 hours).

£45; The beginner course is a great way to have a little longer at the anvil. It involves; Safety, technique, forge set up and firing, forging a troll cross or bottle opener and finishing the metal.

( up to 3 hours)

£50; We offer private one on one tuition for those that prefer to have the Forge to themselves. (Up to 2 hours, but this can be increased at an additional charge).

£70 per week;  Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (by appointment). This route is suited to those that have a lot of experience blacksmithing, or for makers that need the space to work. All you have to do is let us know when you want to come in, arrange the times, bring your materials and we supply the space and a plethora of workshop tools.

A working knowledge of workshop tools is useful, if you haven't been in this environment; a course can be added so that we can get you up to speed.

If there are other classes running at the same time, it'll be first come first served.

£75; couples class. This is ideal for those looking for an original date idea. In this class you will make two hearts and then link them together. If you are looking for a story to tell about your first or hundreth date this is definitely the class for you! All aspects of forging, safety, and techniques will be covered in the class.

One of our most popular courses are our bladesmithing classes, here you will learn the art of creating your own blade (as long as they fall within legal boundaries); The classes will involve all aspects of the art, so that you will have a practical and working knowledge of creating your own blades. 

£150; This is for a mild steel/prop knife, with all of our bladesmithing courses full tuition is given. 

£200; upgrade to high carbon steel. Creating a better quality blade. 

£150 High carbon sgian dubh course. This little sock knife is a great way of trying bladesmithing as there are a few options to chose from. Here at Bear and Thistle Forge we love our sgian dubhs, be it traditional or new school designs. we always ensure our high carbon knives are usable and this knife.

All of our bladesmithing courses will take multiple sessions, as you can see we have an incredibly high standard and the finish only comes with time. Hence the three months to complete, after purchase. 

They will start no later than 9am. We open at 7am so please feel free to come in any time between. We supply the steel, some hardwood for handles and pin stock. If you have something specific you'd like to add (darker wood/scale material, brass, bronze, copper, mosaics etc.) These are your responsibility to supply!


These are intended to develop your skills in moving steel and becoming better at the craft.

£200; you will have 5 sessions (up to 3 hours per). A new project each session (depending on the project). 

£350; this is the same as the above only you will receive 10 lessons.

With these, you can experiment with techniques, items to be made and different tools for the projects.

As with our beginners sessions, if you have an idea for a project we can discuss it and if doable we can get it done!

So with these courses you are not buying an item, you are coming into our forge and learning the craft. We insist you look into all legal aspects before booking, and contact us to discuss the course before purchase.

Full tuition in all aspects of bladesmithing will be given, and as there is a lot of knowledge to be gained, we do not apply a time limit; sans the completion of the blade.

If you have your own idea for a course, e.g prop weapons, a unique blacksmithing idea, or anything else; get in touch with us and we can discuss. 

If in doubt, please contact us before booking and we will go over everything.

 Students are more than welcome! 

There will be no more than 4 people working with the forge at one time, this is based on a first come first served basis. 

Weekend courses may be made available,  these will start at 9am, no later, if you need these please contact us before hand and we can arrange from there. 

All times are subject to how the guests work. Some need more time, some less; as each guest is an individual, so to is their tuition.


Appropriate clothing should be worn: no man made fabrics (football tops, track suits etc.). Legs should be covered (jeans are excellent), the toes should be covered completely (leather is good, work boots are best). Arms can be covered, again natural material is preferred here.

Disclaimers must be signed before all classes begin. All of our policies can be found at the entrance to the Forge, we recommend having a read through them.

All ideas should be agreed ahead of time. This allows us to get what we need. We will give a clear answer if the item is doable or not. 

No more than 10 people working in the workshop at any time. 

The workshop can be used by those that are 18 years or older and can swing a hammer whilst holding tongs. No one under eighteen years old will be permitted to participate in our classes.

Weekend classes are available, these have to be arranged in advance and will start no later than 9am. 

Once a class has been purchased you have three months to complete, the money is non-refundable and you may be recharged if you do not complete the class within this time. That means you have to book and use your purchase within this time, if you fail to do this no refunds are given! Don't miss out. 

All sales are final. You will have 14 days, after purchase, to claim a refund for cancelling any classes. After that, you will not receive a refund. This does not effect your rights. 

All refunds are at the discretion of the blacksmith.

 If 48 hours notice is not given, for a cancellation, a fee of £40 is chargeable to cover costs and monies lost.

We will not Forge any knife, sword or weapon on the UK banned list. Please view all said weapons on the government's website etc.

Most importantly : 


If you are unwell, for any reason, it is better for you (and everyone else) to reschedule and get better. If you are sick and attend you may be asked to leave.

We will not tolerate rudeness, verbal abuse, or any act of aggression. This extends to harassment of any kind. In these cases you will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to finish your class or course

Workshop space available

If you have your own project in mind but no space to work? We have plenty of room for you, contact us for further details. 


Bespoke, hand made, affordable

At this time we are not taking commissions, as we are focusing on the tuition of our guests. 

If you don't see what you're looking for, ask us and we'll be able to help. We love new ideas for classes and courses, so if you have a project in mind; get in touch and we can discuss! 

local blacksmith classes. blacksmithing for beginners.

Bladesmithing classes.

We work seven days a week to ensure we are at the premiere of our craft and able to give our guests the best experience possible. 

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to contact us with any ideas, comments, questions or anything else you need. 

If you want to come to the workshop let us know when and we can be on hand to answer any and all questions, face to face.  A consultation fee will apply but we're happy to answer your emails free of charge.

Bear and Thistle Forge

11A Lochburn Road, Maryhill, Glasgow, G20 9AE

07931 176878


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Monday to Friday: Early open, doors close at 4pm at the latest. Classes are by appointment. 

Saturday: By appointment 

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